Who We Are

The Cattaraugus Community Center, or the "CCC", is a fitness facility located in Irving, NY. Under the authority of the Seneca Nation of Indians, the CCC's mission is to help promote healthy life styles for all of it's members. We have a variety of amenities and services including: a fitness center, an in-door track, a gymnasium, an arena, room rentals, classes, and much more.


Fitness Center

The CCC Fitness Center has 5 tread mills, 3 elliptical machines, and 4 stationary bikes, and serveral different weight machines. It has Olympic size weights as well as basic size weights. It also has a Jacobs’s Ladder and bench press.


The CCC pool is 25 meters long with 4 lanes that are 7 feet wide each. The deep end is 9 feet deep, with starting blocks. (NCAA short course regulation length). It has a handicap ramp for entry as well

Walking Track

The gymnasium walking track is approximately 475 feet; 11 laps is 1 mile. Maximum occupancy is 41. Join us and exercise in a unique way today!


We have an indoor box lacrosse/Ice rink. Games/leagues are played in here. Local schools come down to use the floor for soccer practice as well Hockey teams. It has a 2″ thick purple turf on it which can be removed


Basketball courts are both regulation size of 50’ x 84’. An official NBA 3 point line. Has a maximum occupancy of 419. Basketball hoops can be lowered to youth size as well.

Fitness Classes

The CCC offers both “Land” and “Aquatic” class (in our pool). Each type of class is held 2 to 3 times a week. In total, land classes are 5 times a week and water 4 times a week. These classes are

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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

The CCC offers an array of birthday party packages. Rent out the Bounce House, have a splash in the pool, play basketball in the gym, then celebrate with cake and presents in the Multi-Purpose Room. Please see the table below

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Rent a Room (or two)

Facility Rentals

If you need a place to host your event or league, we’ve got you covered. You may also utilize vendor space to sell food and refreshments. Most of the facilities within the CCC may be rented. The complete list of facilities

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